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Check on your account

  • checkPhase 1 Profit Target +8%
  • checkPhase 2 Profit Target +5%
  • checkMaximum Daily Loss -5%
  • checkMaximum Overall Loss -10%
  • checkDrawdown Type = Balance Based
  • checkProfit Split Up to 90%
  • checkNews Trading - Yes
  • checkRefundable Fee - Yes 100%
  • checkMinimum trading days - 5 days

Check on your account

  • checkPhase 1 Profit Target +5%
  • checkPhase 2 Profit Target +5%
  • checkPhase 3 Profit Target +5%
  • checkMaximum Daily Loss -3%
  • checkMaximum Overall Loss -6%
  • checkDrawdown Type = Balance Based
  • checkProfit Split Up to 90%
  • checkNews Trading - Yes
  • checkRefundable Fee - Yes 100%
  • checkMinimum trading days - 5 days


Consulting Experience

Explore our company and ensure you don't miss this unique opportunity

In a world where everyone aims for profit, only the disciplined and serious individuals truly succeed. We aspire to provide our community with opportunities to own small stakes in our company. All digital shares are registered on the Multiverse X blockchain as SFTs (semi-fungible tokens). Those holding these Digital Shares will have the opportunity to sell them later, securing a profit, or exchange them for evaluation accounts. Join us in this venture, where disciplined commitment meets the potential for financial growth in a digitally interconnected world.

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Our Roadmap

Explore Our Roadmap: Guiding Your Journey to Success

Alpha Prop Traders Community Build

Jan 2024

For the early members, we have prepared a 10% digital shares of the company that will be distributed for FREE.

Influencers Partnership

Feb 2024

We are seeking trustworthy and long-term partners, and to achieve this, we will carefully select the best candidates

Big Launch!

Apr - May 2024

The dashboard and the main website are finally ready, and everyone can now trade and earn money with Alpha Prop Traders. For digital shareholders, we have exiting surprises and new members will also find special treats. Join us for an incredible trading experience!

$1.000.000 USD Payouts

Oct 2024

The community is growing, and we have successfully paid $1.000.000 USD to our traders so far.

Each digital share is valued at $50 USD

Feb 2025

Each digital share is valued at $50 USD. We're looking into ways to assist people and animals in need. With the help of our community, we'll choose one or more causes to support. Supporting charities for people, animals and nature is a key focus for the Alpha Prop Traders community.


Frequently Asked questions

Hey there! Got questions? Still not satisfied? Contact us!

Welcome to Alpha Prop Traders, more than a Proprietary Trading Firm; we're a global trading community uniting seasoned day traders and beginners alike. With cutting-edge technology and unmatched opportunities, our mission is simple yet powerful: to create the most transparent prop trading model.

We've carefully curated top-tier technology solutions, drawing on our deep understanding of the forex world. Our diverse team of experienced traders and industry experts drives our vision. At Alpha Prop Traders, we're dedicated to supporting traders, breaking down financial barriers, and providing access to premium trading conditions usually reserved for large institutions. Join us in redefining the future of trading.

Alpha Prop Traders welcome individuals aged 18 and above, globally.

Our clientele is our pride. We draw, retain, and inspire individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

People join us not just for a firm, but for what we stand for. We dedicate people, capital, and innovation to foster the growth of our traders.

Alpha Prop Traders ensures the protection of clients who choose us, handling payments and withdrawals with professionalism, speed, and precision. We equip our clients with user-friendly tools, access to expertise, and impartial customer support.

We believe in a people-centric firm, in embracing cultural diversity, collaborating with talented partners who embody our values to shape the future. Join Alpha Prop Traders and lead the pace of tomorrow.

Alpha Prop Traders is crafted by traders, for traders. We champion commitments, trust, fairness, reliability, and innovation alongside our core values.

To stay informed about our community and what others are saying, join us on our official social channels. Connect with like-minded individuals and be part of the conversation. Follow Alpha Prop Traders for insights into the trading world.
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Becoming a successful trader demands hard work, skills, and unwavering dedication. While refining your trading techniques is a personal journey, joining Alpha Prop Traders can elevate your trading career and propel you towards your desired success.

At Alpha Prop Traders, traders can access funding up to $200,000, empowering them to trade substantial amounts and capitalize on market opportunities. With an attractive 80/20 profit split and a refundable registration fee, we aim to support our traders at every step.

Mistakes in trading can be costly, and emotional control is crucial for success. At Alpha Prop Traders, we trust our traders, covering all losses to alleviate stress and allow them to focus on refining their strategies and achieving their goals.

Ready to embark on your trading journey with Alpha Prop Traders? Join us and unlock the potential for growth and success in the dynamic world of trading. πŸš€πŸ“ˆ

At Alpha Prop Traders, we welcome a variety of profitable trading styles and our clients are widely recognized and accepted within our community.

However, there are certain actions and strategies that we cannot support or authorize at Alpha Prop Traders:

  • Changing Trading platform Passwords: Changing the Trading platform password is strictly prohibited, and any account found in violation will be immediately suspended.
  • Account Management: Account management is not allowed as we seek to evaluate each trader's skills individually.
  • Prohibited Trading Strategies: Certain trading strategies are forbidden due to their vulnerability and impracticality in the real-world Forex market. This includes tick scalping, arbitrage bots (reverse arbitrage, latency arbitrage, hedge arbitrage), HFT trading, or any emulators.
  • Non-Live Conditions Trading: Strategies that do not adhere to live trading conditions are not allowed.
  • Simultaneous Opposite Positions: Simultaneously opening positions in opposite directions on different accounts is strictly forbidden.

If any trader employs the aforementioned prohibited strategies, their account will be dismissed, and all remuneration will be forfeited. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines ensures a smooth collaboration between traders and Alpha Prop Traders. If these strategies are unfamiliar to you, we anticipate a highly collaborative and successful partnership.

Absolutely! We recognize that many successful investors engage in predicting possibilities and closely monitor news events. At Alpha Prop Traders, news trading is not only allowed but encouraged during any macroeconomic event on all accounts. Our traders have the freedom to capitalize on news trading opportunities year-round.

Stay informed, stay strategic, and make the most of market-moving events with Alpha Prop Traders!

Congratulations on completing the Evaluation Process! At Alpha Prop Traders, we offer two options for the Evaluation Process: Three Phase and Two Phase Funding. Once you successfully complete either of these processes, you unlock the benefits of our Funded Program.

Here's what happens after you pass your Evaluation:

  • Trading Objectives Completion: After successfully meeting the Trading Objectives of the chosen phase, you'll receive a notification in your dashboard confirming your success. All trades must be closed to pass, and no additional trading is required on the account.
  • Notification and Verification: Once your account meets our criteria, we are promptly notified. We then verify the results before granting access to the next stage.
  • Two Phase Evaluation Lead Time: For traders in the Two Phase Evaluation process, lead times may vary. After verification, new account login credentials are typically sent within 1 business day for Phase 2 and within 1-2 business days for the Funded account.

In essence, as a trader with Alpha Prop Traders, you can focus on planning your next trades while we handle the back-office administrative and support services. Your success is our priority!

While you are allowed to enroll in multiple challenges, it is important to note that the cumulative funded capital must not surpass $200,000. Each challenge must be successfully completed on an individual basis, and it is prohibited to replicate trades (whether executed by Expert Advisors or manually) from a master account to an evaluation account.

A trader becomes eligible to request a payout after the first executed trade on the funded account, starting 30 days from the initiation date and subsequently every 14 days thereafter. For the regular payout structure, an 80% profit split is applied. Additionally, traders with at least 4 digital shares have the opportunity to qualify for our Hot Seat program, wherein they receive on-demand payouts with a more favorable 90% profit split.

The minimum payout amount is set at 1% of the initial balance, inclusive of our split. Traders can opt for partial payouts while remaining on the same account. Please note that the minimum payout amount remains fixed at 1% of the initial balance, taking into account our profit split.

The conditions are simulated live market conditions. If you use higher lot sizes, the chance of slippage increases. Volatile market moments increase the chance even more, which can not be controlled.

Slippage is when your order isn't precisely filled due to the absence of a matching order at that specific price point in the order book. As a result, your trade will be executed at the closest available price.

The Maximum Daily Loss is the amount you are allowed to lose every day. For the purpose of this rule, the higher value between equity and balance will be used. This rule is set as a % of the starting equity or balance of every day. The rule states that the equity of the day, which is the result of the currently floating PnL (Profit and Loss) in sum with all closed positions of that day must not hit the Maximum Daily Loss Limit. The daily maximum loss resets at 00:00 CE(S)T/server every day.

Example 1: Equity is higher than the balance at the start of the day

This means your equity can't go lower than: $107.000 - $5.350 Daily Loss Limit= $101.650 on day 5.
If your equity goes below $101.650 at any certain moment in time on day 5 your account will be closed.

Example 2: Balance is higher than the equity at the start of the day

At the start of day 7, your account balance is $100.000 and your equity is $99.000. The Daily Loss Limit is 5% of the balance because it is higher:
Daily loss = $100.000 * 5% = $5.000 Daily Loss Limit.

This means your equity can't go lower than: $100.000 - $5.000 Daily Loss Limit= $95.000 on day 7.
If your equity goes below $95.000 at any certain moment in time on day 7 your account will be closed.

Once our team has greenlit your evaluation, the subsequent step involves completing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. You'll also receive a notification informing you about the ongoing verification. Typically, the entire verification and approval procedure takes only a few minutes.

The KYC process comprises the following steps:

  • - Verification of Identity: Acceptable documents include Government ID, Driver's license, Permanent residence permit, or Passport.
  • - Selfie: A photo of yourself is required.
  • - Proof of Address: Suitable documents for this category include utility bills like Landline Telephone Bills, Gas bill, or Electricity bill; Bank Account Statement;
  • - Proof of residence issued by a Notary public or a Government Authority; or an Identity card or document with an address issued by a Central or State Government.